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Dua for 14th Day


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دعاء اليوم الرابع عشر
اللهمّ لا تؤاخِذْني فيهِ بالعَثراتِ واقِلْني فيهِ من الخَطايا والهَفَواتِ ولا تَجْعَلْني فيه غَرَضاً للبلايا والآفاتِ بِعِزّتِكَ يا عزّ المسْلمين.
Dua for 14th Day
O Allah do not let indecision and confusion take hold of me, in this month, nor errors and lapses get the better of me, nor let misfortune and disaster make me its target, through Thy power O He who makes powerful those who willingly submit to Him.