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Dua for 28th Day


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دعاء اليوم الثامن والعشرين
اللهمّ وفّر حظّي فيهِ من النّوافِلِ واكْرِمْني فيهِ بإحْضارِ المَسائِلِ وقَرّبِ فيهِ وسيلتي اليكَ من بينِ الوسائل يا من لا يَشْغَلُهُ الحاحُ المُلِحّين.
Dua for 28th Day
O Allah increase my enjoyment and satisfaction, in this month, in the prayers I paray out of my own free will, kindly make haste in quick disposal of my affairs in my interest, let me be near to the “Means of Approach” (Muhammad and Aali Muhammad) who are the select best medium to gain Thy favours, O He who does not get confused on account of the ceaseless demands of the countless beseechers, but attend to each and every supplication.