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In His name, the Most High

(1)    Having written the book called 'Nihayat al-Taghrir' Grand Ayatollah Fazel Lankarani was recognized as Mujtahid at the age of 25  by Late Grand Ayatollah Brujardi.

(2)    Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Mustafa Khansari, who himself was one of the great scholars of Hawzah Al-Elmiyah (Islamic Seminary) declared him as the 'most knowledgeable' scholar and advised many a number of religious scholars to refer to him in the issue of Taqlid. This declaration was made at a time when Grand Ayatollah Gulpaigani was living the last days of his life.

(3)   Late Ayatollah Taghdiri who was one of the teachers at the Kharij (postgraduate) level in Wali-e ┴sr Islamic Seminary believed in the eligibility of His Eminence as the 'most learned' of scholars.

(4)    Ayatollah Ahari, who is at present one of the prominent religious scholars of Tabriz and one of the brilliant students of Ayatollah Brujardi, believes in His Eminence's being as the 'most knowledgeable' of scholars.

(5)    According to what has been quoted to us, Dr. Sayyid Abdul Hadi, who is one of the prominent religious scholars of Hijaz maintains that his His Eminence is the 'most knowledgeable'.

(6)    Esteemed Haaj Shaikh Husain Moayid who is a teacher at the Kharij level believes that His Eminence is the most knowledgeable.

(7)    The Teachers Society of the Islamic Seminary (TSIS) introduced him as the number one Mujtahid with a majority vote.  Some of the TSIS members including Ayatollah Meshkini and Ayatollah Kharrazi stated clearly that the names mentioned in the statement have been listed as per majority votes. Thus vote majority is one of the contexts for preference.

(8)    Scientific and argumentational books compiled by His Eminence  are the best evidence. Of the many books written by him is Al-Mawsußh Al-Fiqhiay {the Encyclopedia of Jurisprudence} which is a commentary on Imam Khomeini's book 'Tahrirul Wasilah'. More than 26 volumes of this book have been printed and it is one of the important books in Hawza Elmiyah.