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Grand Ayatollah Fazel Lankarani Condemns Sacrilege to the Holy Prophet of Islam (pbuh)

In the name of Allah, the Compassionate the Merciful
Muslims of the world and the Ummah of the Holy Prophet are faced with a double calamity in these days of mourning for Imam Husain, the Lord of the Martyrs; The insult and sacrilege shown by the widely published western newspapers to the Holy Prophet of Islam who is the greatest of all prophets have affected the mourners further and injured all people's hearts. According to divine teachings, an insult to the Prophet of Islam is an insult to all divine prophets. This is an insult which the followers of all divine religions must raise their voice against and oppose. Certainly, such an insult and disrespectful behavior denote that the strong religion of Islam which is a perfect form of the previous religions has had a considerable growth. The enemies of Islam must know that such desecrating acts will further attract humans to this religion. This sacrilege is a continuation of the heinous plans by the global imperialism against Islam. These plans have born no result and this one too shall produce no result for them. The government of the Islamic Republic of Iran is expected to take serious and strong actions against these conspiracies. As other Muslim nations have raised their voice in different countries of the world, the revolutionary Muslims of Iran shall also raise their objections and defend the religion of the Holy Prophet of Islam as ever before.
Muhammad Fazel Lankarani
Muharram/ 3/ 1427