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Grand Ayatollah Fazel Lankarani's Statements
on the Occasion of the 19th of Dey

In the name of Allah, the Merciful the Compassionate
Before we begin the lesson, Insha Allah, you know that today is Dey 19th. Perhaps, some of you were at that time and some of you were not. However, today is a reminder of Dey 19th 1356 A.H (1978 A.D.) in which the tyrant government of the then time massacred crowds of the people of Qom as a result of which many individuals were martyred. In fact, it was the starting point for the Islamic revolution because in 1979 the Islamic revolution achieved victory.  To be fair, the tyranny of the regime had reached its peak and the Muslim people of Iran, especially the people of Qom  showed great devotion. Additionally, because the beloved leader was in Qom so the people of Qom played a significant role in the process of the struggles. Hence, we must consider that and should know that we owe greatly to the martyrs of those events. If these martyrdoms were not there, then it would not be clear if such a revolution would ever become fruitful or God would grant us such a blessing. Therefore first of all, we must not devastate or forget the memories of the Imam then we must keep the memories of the martyrs alive including those that were martyred before the victory of the revolution and after the victory like Murtadha Mutahhari and his likes who were martyred at the hands of the hypocrites. It is our duty to remember them.