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Ayatollah Lankarani
Enjoing Good and Forbidding Evil Require No Budget

In a meeting with the staff members of the Organization of Enjoining Good and Forbidding Evil Grand Ayatollah Fazel Lankarani, one of the religious authorities said, "Enjoining good and forbidding evil is a duty of all, wherever and at all times. Every body has a duty towards other individuals of the society.

His Eminence further noted that enjoining good (virtue) and forbidding evil do not require any budget or financial planning and this is such an organization that no other mechanisms can be as comprehensive as it is. Grand Ayatollah Lankarani added: "Had our revolution not taken place, no sign of revolution would be seen else where in other countries."

This grand Marja stressed the highly significant status of the duty of enjoining good and forbidding evil in the society and termed the Islamic revolution as one of God's blessings. He said: "At present, Shia is known all over the world through the Islamic revolution (of Iran)."