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Majlis Must Give Priority to Eradicating Poverty

The best thing Majlis can do is to eradicate poverty from the Islamic society.

Attention must be paid to these people who have devoted themselves entirely for Islam and the revolution.

In a meeting with the head  of Majlis’ budget and planning commission, Grand Ayatollah Fazel Lankarani stressed on the need to eradicate poverty.  He asked Majlis to concentrate its efforts on eliminating poverty.

“The best thing Majlis can do is to decrease poverty from the Islamic society and help the poor including some of government employees who are faced with considerable  problems.” Grand Ayatollah Fazel said.

In regards to the country’s self-sufficiency in some products and it political and spiritual aspects, His Eminence said: “Attention must be paid to these people who have devoted themselves entirely to Islam and the revolution.”

Grand Ayatollah Fazel Lankarani added: “We must not compare prices of these products with those of other countries because income rate in other countries is much higher. Those who are tackling the economic affairs of the country must take Iran's special situation and characteristics into consideration so they should not go for applying or enforcing the same thing that is applied in other countries because what is theoretically said is different from what is done in practice. Therefore, experienced individuals and experts in the area of economic and business affairs must be employed.

Finally, in regards to Qom's water problem, His Eminence asked the executives in charge to take action in this regard. Because Qom is the base of the revolution Moreover, pilgrims and travelers come from all the countries of the world and this is is very urgent. So I ask you to pay more attention to the dear people of Qom who have shown great devotion and sacrifice for the revolution.  We must also commemorate the martyrdom of the nineteenth of Dei.  I hope that you will – Insha Allah – consider problems especially water problem and take action to solve them.

In the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Subhani, head of Majlis' budget and planning commission briefed his eminence about the activities of the commission. He said that the main objective of the fourth five years schemes is the fixation of market prices, tending to the poor and deprived and increase in the salary of the families that are registered by government institutes.