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"Injunctions" are the Islamic practicable which specify human duties in commandments, relation to the type of actions they must do and they type the must avoid.
There are special decree in Islam for each human act. There are 5 types of Islamic Laws which specify our duty.
- Obligatory (Wajib)
- Forbidden (Harram)
- Recommended (Mustahab)
- Reprehensible (Makrooh)
- Premissible (Mubah)
Obligatory, includes an action which must be done and its abandonment incurschastisement, examples are prayer and fasting.
Forbidden includes an action whose abandonment is obligatory. Doing it results inchastisement, examples are lying and oppression.
Recommended refers to an action which,when done is good and is rewarded but its abandonment is not chastised such as greetingand alms.
Reprehensible refers to an action whose abandomment is good and is rewarded but doing it is not chastised.
Permissible includes an action in which both doing and abandonment are equal.
There is no chastisement no reward such as walking and sitting.