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Taharat (Purification)

In Islam, it is very important to purify the body and living environment. Humans should refrain from eating and drinking Najis things.  Prayer (Salat) is the best form of the worship of Allah.  So a person should purify his/her body and clothes for Salat.  It is better to wear the cleanest clothes during prayer, therefore, it is necessary to know Najis things, and to learn the way to purify them.

12 - In the universe all things are Pak, except eleven things and any thing which comes in contact with these things.

13 - Najis things include :
a) Urine b) Feces c) Semen d) Carrion e) Blood f) Dogs g) Pigs h) Wine i) Alcoholic beverages j) Kafir (non - believer )
k) The perspiration of a camel which eats Najis things.

14 - Urine and feces of human beings and of animals, whose meat is forbidden, (haraam to eat) these animals blood gushes out forcefully when the large vein is slit.

15 - Animals are of two groups:
Some animals whose blood gushes out forcefully when their blood vessels are cut, insome others, the blood does not gush forcefully, when killed.

16 - Urine and feces of these animals whose meat is Halal to eat. Such as cow and sheep and those animals whose blood does not gush forth forthfully when killed, such as fish and snakes.

17 - The urine and feces of animals whose meat is reprehencible are Pak for example horses and donkeys.

18 - The excrement of birds which are haraam to eat is Pak.


19 - Dead animals, or animals which are not slaughtered according to the Islamic law is called carrion (corpse) or "dead body"(1)

20 - The carrion (corpse) of any animal whose blood does not gush forth with force, is Pak .Example: fish.

21 - On the corpse of any animal whose blood gushes forth, those parts of the dead body which do not contain life such as wool or, hair are Pak and those parts which contain life such as meat and skin are Najis.

22 - All parts of the body of a dog or a pig which are alive and lives on land, whether dead or alive are najis.

23 - The body of the dead human which has died recently and whose body has not turned cold (except those parts of a dead body which do not contain life such as hair, nails, teeth)are Najis.

24 - When a corpse is given Ghusl (obligatory bath ) the body becoms Pak.

25 - A person who fights in the way of Allah and to protect Islam, if he is killed in the battle field and dies there, his/her body is Pak, and it is not necessary to perform Ghusl and to shroud the body.


26 - The blood of a human being, and of any annimal whose blood gushes forth when its large vein is cut, is Najis.

27 - The blood of animal like fish, or an insect such as a mosquito, is pak because it does not gush forth.

28 - The blood in an egg is not Najis, but it is recommended precaution that should be avoided.

29 - If the blood which comes from inside the teeth (guns of the teeth) vanishes as it gets mixed with saliva, the saliva is pak.

How a Pak thing becomes Najis

30 - If a pak thing touches a najis thing and if either of them is so wet that the wetness of one transfers to other, the pak thing will become Najis.

31 - If a human being does not know if a pak thing has become Najis, and inspite of having the ability to do it, it is not necessary to make investigation or enquiry about it.

32 - It is haraam to eat or drink Najis things.