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33 - Mutahhiraat make Najis objects pak. Main forces and ways of Mutahhiraat:
a) Water
b) Earth
c) The sun
d) Islam
e) Removal of Najasat


Water is of different types. Knowing about these aids us in learning the related problems.

34 - Water is either pure or mixed. Mixed water ( Muzaf) means the water which is obtained from something such as apple juice or melon water, or that water in which somthing else is mixed such as syrup , or water in which so much dust is mixed that it may no longer be called water.

Mutlag: any water other than mixed water is called pure water.

35 - Mixed water (Muzaf): May clean dirty things but you can never purify (pak) an object which is Najis and (this water is not part of Mutahhiraat).

* If it has come in contact with Najasat it becomes Najis inspite of the Najasat being a small amount even if its appearance including smell, color, and taste does not change.

*. Wudhu and Ghusl are void with this water.

Types of pure water (Mutlaq)

36 - Pure water includes water which springs forth from the earth or rain water.

- Any water which falls from the sky is rain.

- Any water which springs forth from the earth and then flows, such as the water of a spring or canal is running water, and if it does not flow it is well water.

- Amount of water, which does not spring forth from the earth and does not fall from the sky, is equal to kurr, If its quantity is in theamount which will be explained in the next rule, if its quantity is less than a kurr is called Qaleel.

37- Water, which fills a container whose length breadth and depth a minimum of centimeters each is equal to kurr, or if the weight of the water is 377/419 kg it is kurr.

Amount less than kurr water (Qaleel)

38 - If less than kurr water comes in to contact with Najasat, it becomes Najis. But, if such water is poured with force on a najis object only that part which contacts it will be Najis and the water which has not touched the Najis object, will be pak, such as water in container which pours with force on a najis object.

39 - If kurr water or running water connects with Najis Qaleel water, it will become pak and as obligatory caution the kuur or running water must be mixed with Qaleel water (for example if the container which contains Qaleel water that has become Najis is put under a faucet which is connected to kurr water and the water is runing or if it is mixed with that water it will become pak) but if the Qaleel water changes its smell, color or taste due to najasat, so that the smell the color and taste of Najasat in water are appear.

Kurr water, runing water, well water

40 - Except Qaleel water all pure water which has not changed its smell, color, or taste is pak, on contacting Najasat if the pure water has changed its smell, color, or it is najis so runing water, well water, kurr water and rain have this rule in common.

41 - water from the pipes installed in buildings which is connected to a tank holding water equal to a kurr, will be considered as runing water.

42 - Some properties of rain water.

* A Najis thing becomes pak if rain water falls on it once , provided that it does not contain an essential najasat. (Najis al Ayn)(2)

*If it rains on a najis rug and clothes, it is not necessary to wring or squeeze them.

* Najis earth or ground on which rain falls becomes pak.

* If the rain water collects at a place, even if its quantity is less than a kurr, and a Najis thing is washed in it while it is raining, it becomes pak provided that, it does not assume the smell, color or taste of that najasat.

How Najis things become Pak with water

43 - Najis things do not become pak unless the Najasat substances (Najis al Ayn) is first removed from it. Then it must be washed with water in the manner that will be stated in next rules.

44 - A Najis vessel becomes pak when rinsed with kurr water one time after removing the Najasat but becomes pak with water which is less than a kurr after three times.

45 - A Najis vessel is rinsed (purified) withwater and can be made pak in two ways.

*with less than kurr water, A Najis vesselshould be filled up with water and emptiedthree times.

* some quantity of water must be poured in itand then the vessel must be turned, so that thewater reaches all the Najis parts before it ispoured out. This should be done three times.

46 - A carpet and clothes and such things which absorb water become pak with less than kurr water by squeezing or wringing them after washing them each time. As an obligatory precaution it is necessary to squeeze them when they are washed with Kurr runing water.


47 - The earth makes the sole of one's feet and shoes Pak, provided that the Najasat is removed and the earth should be:
* dry
*- Should consist of soil, sand or stones.

48 - In order to make the sole of one's foot or shoes Pak, it is better that one should walk a distance of at least fifteen foot steps or more, even if the Najasat disappeares due to walking or by rubbing one's foot on the ground.

The Sun

49 - The sun makes the following objects Pak (with the conditions which will be stated).

* Earth .

* Buildings and related materials.

* Trees and plants.

50 - The sun purifies with these conditions.

* The object which is Najis should be sufficiently wet so that if any thing touches it that thing becomes wet.

* The sun does not purify something Najis then if the Najis thing remains wet. The Najis thing should be dried by sun.

* Nothing should intervene between the Najis thing and the sun such as a curtain or cloud. If they are so thin that they do not serve as an impediment between the Najis thing and the sun, there is no harm.

*Only the sun should make the Najis thing dry. For example it must not be dried by the wind.

*If the Najasat substance is present on that object it should be removed before the sun dries it up.

* The sun should dry up the surface and the inner layer of the Najis wall or the ground at once. If the sun dries the surface first, then later on dries the inner layer only the surface will become pak.

51 - If the earth and such things are Najis and dry, they should become wet in order to have the sun dry them up.


52 - A Kafir (Non - believer) is Najis and if he/she testifies to the onenes of Allah, and to the prophethood of Prophet Muhammad (P) and he/she becomes a Muslim, his/her body becomes pak after becoming a Muslim.

It mean he/she says: "Ash-hadan-La-Elaha-Elal-Lah"

Removal of Najis al Ayn

53 - In two cases with removing of Najis al Ayn the Najis thing becomes Pak, and it is not necessary to rinse with water.

* The body of an animal, such as the beak of abird which has eaten the Najis food its beak becomes Pak when the Najisat disappears.

* Inner part of the human body for example:inner parts of mouth, a nose or inner ears likethe blood from the gums or teeth does not make inner mouth Najis.