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Salat (Prayer)

Place where Salat should be prayed.

174 - The place where the prayers are offered:

* Should be Mubah

* Should not have vigrous movement such as a car while in motion.

* The ceiling of the place where one prays should not be so low, nor should the place be so small that there may be no room for performing Ruku or Sajdah.

* The place on where a person places his/her forehead while in Sajdah should be pak.

* If the place where one wishes to pray is Najis, it should not be so wet that its moisture would reach the body or the dress of the person praying.

* The place where the person places his/her forehead while in sajdah, should not be bigger or lower than a span of four fingers, when compared to the place of the thighs or toes of his/her feet.  But it is not harm if the land slope is low.(4)

The Rules of Place where Salat should bePrayed

175 - It is no harm if one is forced to pray in things which have movement like a train and airplane or a place where the ceiling be so low or is tight such as in rifle-pit and on a grady place. One should not recite while moving as much as possible and must try to maintain the direction of Qibla and Muvalat in prayer.

176 - Human must observe respect (good manners) and not pray ahead of the Prophets or Imams (peace upon them) graves and if one does so with the intention of disrespect it is Haraam and the prayer is invalid.

177 - It is Mustahab that the human performs obligatory prayer in mosques, and in Islam, great emphasis is laid on offering prayers in amosque.