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Salat (Prayer)

Rules regarding a Mosque 

178 - The rules which will be stated are related to the importance of being present at the masjid and perfoming prayer at the mosque.

* It is Mustahab to frequently visit a mosque.

* Going to a mosque which is not visited very much by persons who pray is Mustahab.

* It is Makrooh for a neighbor of the mosque to pray anywhere other than the mosque unless he/she has a justifiable excuse.

* It is Mustahab that one should not sit to eat with a person who does not attened prayer in a mosque and should not seek his advice, should not be his neighbor, and should not enter into matrimonial bond with his/her family.

179 - These acts are haraam in connection to mosques.

* To decorate the mosque with gold (as obligatory precaution).

*. To sell the mosque even if it has has been destroyed.

* To paint the picture of humans and animals.

* To make it Najis and if it becames Najis it should become pak, immediately.

180 - These actions are recomennded at the masjid.

* Arriving sooner than everyone and leaving later than everyone else.

* Turning the lights on at the mosque.

* Cleaning the mosque.

* Entering with the right foot.

* Leaving with the left foot.

* Praying two Rak-ats (Tahiyat) of respect for the masjid.

* Putting on one's best clothes and using good fragrance. (for women perfume can beused under the condition that they are not exposed to Non Maharams).

181 - These things are Makrooh in relation to the mosque.

* Passing through a mosque without praying there.

* Spitting or discharging of  nasal mucous in the masjid.

* Shouting or raising one's voice in the mosque except for reciting the Adhan.

* Purchasing and selling in the masjid.

* Speaking about wordly affairs.

* Going to the mosque after eating garlic and onion and bothering people with the bad breath.