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Salat (Prayer)

Doubts in the prayer

Sometimes a person who is praying doubts while performing some parts of the Salat such as he/she does not know, whether he/she has performed Tashahhud or not or he/she has performed one sajdah or two sajdahs, and sometime he/she may doubt in the numbers of Rak-ats for example he/she does not know whether one has performed three Rak-ats or four.

- There are special rules for doubting during prayers and to explain all cases is out of the scope of this book but some of the cases of doubting are explained in this section.

Doubts in the Parts of Salat

268 - If a person who is praying doubts while in performing the parts of Namaz and he/she does not know whether if he/she has performed that part if he/she has not begun the next part , he/she should perform that part.  But if he/she doubts after arriving at the next act and he/she should ignore his/her doubt and he/she should continue his/her prayer and it is valid.

269 - If a person doubts after performing a part of Salat as to whether he/she has performed an act which is correct or not, he/she should ignore the doubt and he/she should believe that the prayer is correct and continues his/her prayer and it is valid.

Doubts which Make Prayers Void

270 - If a person doubts about number of Rak-ats of an obligatory prayer which consists of 2 Rak-ats and 3 Rak-ats, Such as Fajr or Maghrib prayer , his/her prayer will be void.

271 - If a person doubts in prayers of 4 Rak-ats as to whether one has performed only one Rak-at or more his/her prayer will be void.

272 - If a person dos not know how many Rak-ats one has performed his/her prayer will be void.

273 - If a person has one of those doubts which makes prayers void, he/she should prolong thinking about it and if he/she does not remember and the doubt persists, he/she should break his/her prayer and start again.

274 - Doubts in the prayers is 4 Rak-as.