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One of the weekly gatherings of the Muslims is Friday prayer. A person praying on Friday can pray the Firday congregational prayer instead of the daily ritual noon (Zuhr) prayer which is better than the noon prayer.

The high status and value of this prayer can be noted in that a Surah chapter in the Holy Quran has been named after it.  In this chapter the believers are clearly invited to be present in the Friday congregational prayer.

Method of Friday prayer

329 - Friday Prayer consists of two Rak-ats its method is the same as Fajr prayer, but it has two sermons, which should be delivered by the leader of Friday prayer before Salat.

330 - It is Mustahab to recite Surah-Al-Hamd and the other Surah aloud by the leader of Friday prayer (The Jumah Imam).

331 - It is Mustahab in first Rak-at after reciting Surah Al-Hamd, that Surah Jumah be recited and in second Rak-at, Surah Monafeghon be recited.

332 - In Friday prayer two Qunuts are Mustahab, the first one is offered before the first Ruku and the second one is offered after the Ruku of the second Rak-at.

Conditions for Friday Prayer

333 - On Friday prayer these following conditions should be observed.

* All the conditions for congregational prayer are observed as an obligation in Friday prayer.

* Friday prayer must be held in Congregation and it can not be offered individually.

* The minimum number of people for Friday prayer is 5 persons, one of whom will be the Leader (Imam of Jumah) and four persons the followers (M─mum).

* The Minimum distance between two Friday prayers must be 8 Kilometres (one farsakh).

The Duties of Jumah Prayer

334 - It is obligatory that all the followers (Mamum) listen to the sermons of the Friday Prayer Leader.

335 - As a recommended precaution, all followers must be silent and avoid talking.

336 - It is a recommended precaution that the followers face the leader of Friday prayer during sermons and do not turn a way from Qibla more than it is acceptable for Salat.

337 - A follower who has not reached the first Rak-at of Friday prayer, if he/she reaches on the second Rak-at even in Ruku, this is correct and he/she performs the second Rak-at alone.  (If he/she knows that the second Rak-at will be offered in proper time).