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Mustahab Prayers

345 - The Mustahab prayers are many, and this book does not have not capacity to write about all these prayers, but the most important of these are mentioned.

346 - It is Mustahab to perform the prayers on Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Ghorban (Azha).

The time for Eid prayer

347 - The time for Eid prayer is from sunrise till Zuhr.

348 - For Eid ul Fitr prayer, it is Mustahab that one should have a breakfast after sunrise, pay Zakat ul Fitr and then offer Eid prayer.

Method of Eid prayer

349 - Eid prayer has two Rak-ats with Qunut.

* In the first Rak-at, a person should recite Surah ul-Hamd and a Surah and then say fiveTakbirs. After each Takbir he/she should recite Qunut.  After the fifth Qunut, he/she should say another Takbir and then perform Ruku and two sajdahs.

* In second Rak-at he/she should stand up and say four Takbirs and recite Qunut after everyone of these Takbirs.

There after, he/she should say the fifth Takbir, then perform Ruku and two Sajdahs.  After the second Sajdah he/she should reciteTashahhud, and then complete the prayer with Salam.

* Any recital or Dua will suffice in the Qunut of the Eid prayer.  However, it is better that the following Dua is recited:

"Allahumma ahlal kibriya'i wal azamah waAhlal joode wal jabaroot, wa ahlal afwa warrahmah, wa ahlattaqwa wal maghferah,as'aloka be haqqe hazal youmillazi j─alt ahoolil muslemeena Eidan, wale mohammadinSallallaho alaihe walehi zukhran, wa sharfanwa mazzedan an tossally a ala Mohammadinwa ala Mohammad wa an tudkhilani fi kullekhairin adkhlta feehe Mohammadan wa alaMohammadin, wa an tukhrejani min kullesoo-in akhrajta minho Mohammadan wa AalaMohammadin, Salawatoka alaihe wa alaihimajma┼en. Allahuma inni as'aloka khaira masa─laka behi ibadokas salehoona waa'oozobeka mimasta─za minho Ibadokalmukhlesoon."

= Allah! Possessor of Grandeur and Sublimily, Possesor of Generosity and Might, Possessor of  Forgiveness and Mercy, Possessor of Fear and, Absolution, I beseech You' for the sake of this day which has been appointed by 'You' as Eid (a day for happiness and rejoicing) for Muslims and for Mohammad (S.A) A day ofsupply and affluence, to bless, Mohammad and his progeny and cause me to enter all goodness which 'You' caused Mohammad and his Progeny to enter and remove me from every evil from which 'You're moved Mohammad and his progeny.  May 'Your blessings be upon him and on his Progeny.

O'Allah! I beseech 'You' the Goodness, asked "You" virtuous bond men and I seek refuge with 'You' that from which 'You' virtuous bond men sought refugue with 'You'.