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Daily Nafilah Prayers

There are many Mustahab Prayers, which are generally called Nafilah. The number of the Rak-ats everyday excluding Friday, is 34 Rak-ats.  11 Rak-ats Nafilah for Salat-e- shab (Tahajjud), 2 Rak-ats Nafilah for Fajr and 2 Rak-ats Nafilah for Isha, 8 Rak-ats Nafilah for Zuhr. 8 Rak-at Nafilah for Asr.  Perforning these Nafilahs which has many rewards and blessings.

Nafilah of Shab

350 - The Nafilah of shab is 11 Rak-ats which is performed in this following method.

2 Rak-ats > For the Niyyat Nafilah of shab

2 Rak-ats > For the Niyyat Nafilah of shab

2 Rak-ats > For the Niyyat Nafilah of shab

2 Rak-ats > For the Niyyat Nafilah of shab

2 Rak-ats > For the Niyyat Nafilah of shafe

1 Rak-ats > For the Niyyat Nafilah of watr

The time of Nafilah of shab prayer

351 - The time of Nafilah of shab prayer is from mid-night till Adhan for Fajr prayer, and it is better to offer it nearer the time of Fajr prayer.

352 - A traveller and a person who finds it difficult to offer Nafilah of shab after mid-night, can offer it before mid-night.

Ghufayla Prayer

352 - One of the Mustahab prayers which is offered between Maghrib and Isha prayer is Ghufayla prayer.

The Method of Ghufayle prayer

353 - The Ghufayla prayer is 2 Rak-ats. In its first Rak-at after Surah Al-Hamd, instead ofany other Surah the following verses should be recited:

"waznnuni iz zahaba mughaziban fazanna anian naqdira alyhi fanada fiz zulumati anla ilabailla anta subhanaka innikuntu minazz a liminfastajabna laha wa najjaynahu minal ghammiwa kazalika nunjil muminin."

= And (remember) Jonah (Zunnun)i.e_(Yunus) when when he in anger, and imagined he that never would We straighten him, Then he cried out from the dakness: "There is no god but" Thou (o'my Lord!) , Glory be to thee,verily I was of the unjust ones!"

- Then responded We unto him and delivered him from the grief, thus do We deliver the believers. (Al-ANBIYA-87)

In the second Rak-at after Surah Al- Hamd instead of other Surah, the following verse should be recited:

"wa indahu mafatihul ghaybi lay─lamuhailleya,lamuha wa la habbatin fi Zulumatil walbahri wa matasqutu min waraqatin yalamuhawala habbatin fi zulumatil arz wala ratbin walayabisin ill a fikitabim mubin."

=  And with Him are the keys (of the treasures) of the unseen knoweth it not any one but He;and He (alone) knoweth what is in the land and the sea; and (there) falleth not ( even) aleaf (of a tree) but knoweth it, nor a grain inthe darkness (in the deepest parts) of the earth, nor any thing wet or dry but (it is) in a clear Book. (ALAN'AM-59)

And in Qunut this Dua is be to recited:

"All a humma inni aluka bi mafatihil ghaybillati la y─lamula illa anta an tusalliya ─laMuhammadin wa Ali Muhammad wa antafalbi" (here one should mention his/her wishes).

Thereafter, the following Dua shuld be read:

"Alla humma anta waliyyu ni'mati wal qadirulatalabati talamu hajati fa as aluka bilaqqiMuhammadin wa Ali Muhammad in alayhi waalayhimu ssalamu lamma qazaaytaha li."

= Allah, I request from you for the sake of the keys of the hidden world who none other than you knows that you and peace and blessings on Mohammad and Aleh and that you reply to my request and imploration.

Allah you are the Guardian of my blessings and good future and you can fulfill my request. You know what I am in need of and request.