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Ghasb (Usurpation)

Usurpation means that a person unjustly seizes the property or right of the another person. This is one of the major sins and one who commits it will be subjected to severe chastisment on the Day of Judgement.

427 - If a person usurps property, in additionhe/she has performed a Haraam action, he/sheshould return it to its owner, and if it is lost,he/she should give an exchange for it

428 - If a person usurps anything and it is destroyed, he/she should give the difference of its price.

429 - If a person changes a usurped thing in to someting better than before, for example, if he/she repairs the bicycle usurped by him/her, and the owner says him/her to return it to him/her in the same form, he/she should give it to him/her in that form and can not claim any charges from the ower for his/her labour, he/she has no right to change it back into original form.