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Eating and Drinking

The Great Creator has put beautiful nature, some animals, fruits and vegtables at the service of human, so that they can use them for drinking, eating, clothes and another needs, but in order to protect the life of humans and the health of the body and soul for the survival of the following generation and the respect for the right of the others, law and rules have been set forth which in this section the reader will become familiar with the ones related to food and drink.

430 - It is Haraam to eat an absolutely harmful thing, or any thing which may cause death.

431 - Eating and drinking Najis things isHaraam.

432 - It is Haraam to eat clay and also sand.

433 - It is not Haraam to take a small quantity of the clay of the shrine of Imam Husayn (usually called Turbatul Husayn) for the purpose of cure of illness, but it is better to dissolve a small quantity of Turbatul Husayn in water and to drink it.

434 - It is obligatory upon every muslim to save the life of a Muslim, who maybe dying of hunger or thirst, by providing his/her enough to eat or drink.

Eating Manners

435 - There are certain Mustahab rules to be observed before and while having a meal.

a- Washing both hands before and after taking a meal.

b- Saying Bismillah before starting to eat and after eating.

c- One should eat with one's right hand.

d- One should take small bits of food.

e- One should chew the food thoroughly.

f- When eating a fruit and vegtables, one should first wash them before eating.

g- If several persons are sitting together for their meals, every one of them should take part of the food placed in front of him/her

h- The host should begin eating first, and should also be the last to withdraw his hand.

436 - Acts which are Makrooh to do while taking a meal:

a- To eat without being hungry.

b- To eat until one is full.

c- To look towords others while eating.

d- To eat hot food.

e- To blow on food which one is eating.

f- To cut the bread with a knife.

g- To place the bread under the food pots and every case of impoliteness.

h- To throw away a fruit before one has eaten it fully.

Manners of Drinking water

437 - There are certain acts which are Mustahab while drink water:

a- During day time, one should drink water while standing.

b- One should say Bismillah, before drinking water and Al-Hamdulillah after drinking.

c- One should drink water in three sips.

d- After drinking water, one should remember Imam Husayn (AS) and his AhlulBayt (AS) (his family and his friends) and curse the enemies who slew him.

438 - Acts which are Makrooh in drinking water.

a- To drink too much water.

b- To drink water after eating fatty food.

c- To drink water with one's left hand.

d- To drink water while standing during the night.