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Method of Slaughtering Animals

439 - The method of slaughtering an animal is that the four main arteries of the neck of an animal, whose meat is Halal, should be completely cut, with the conditions that will be explained the meat of that animal would be pak and Halal.

Conditions of slaughtering Animals

440 - The slaughtering of an animal has 6 Conditions.

* A person, who slaughters an animal must bea Muslim.

* The animal should be slaughtered with a weapan made of iron.

* when an animal is slaughtered, the face, hand, foot and belly should be facing Qibla.

* when a person wants to slaughter an animal, he/she atter the name of Allah, and it is sufficient to say "Bismillah" only.

* The animals should show some movement after being slaughtered so that it shows an animal is alive or the blood should flow in normal quantity from slaughtered animal. This law applies only when it is doubtful whether or not the animal was alive at the time of being slaughtered, otherwise it is not essential.

* The animal should be slaughtered from its proper place of slaughtering, on the basis of obligatory precaution, it is not permissible that the knife should be used in the back of neck and then toward the front so that the neck is cut from its back.

Hunting with weapons 

441 - If a animal whose meat is Halal is hunted with a weapon and it dies, it becomes Halal and its body becomes Pak, if the following conditions are fulfilled.

* The weapon used for hunting should be able to cut through, like a knife, a sword or should be sharp like a spear or an arrow, so that due to its sharpness, it may tear the body of animal.

* The hunter should be a Muslim.

* The hunter should aim the weapon for hunting the particular animal.  Therefore, if a person takes an aim at some target and kills an animal accidently, that animal will not be Pak, and it will be Haraam to eat its meat.

* while using the weapon the hunter should recite the Name of Allah.

* The animal will be Haraam if the hunter reaches it when it is already dead or, even if its alive, and he/she has no time left to slaughter it, and if there is enough time to slaughter it and he/she does not slaughter it and untill it dies, it will be Haraam.

Hunting of Fish

442 - If a fish with scales is caught alive from water, and it dies afterwards, it is Pak and it is Halal to eat it, and if it dies in the water, it is Pak, but it is Haraam to eat it.  However, it is lawful to eat it, if it dies in the net of the fisherman.

443 - A fish which has no scales is Haraam even if it is brought alive from water and dies out of water.

444 - It is not necessary that a person catching a fish should be a Muslim one should utter the name of Allah while catching it. It is, however, necessary that a Muslim should have known that the fish was brought alive from the water, or that it died in out of the water.