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Rules of looking and Marriage

One of the powers which all have is the power of sight.  Humans must use this great blessing in the path of their own perfection and development, and must refrain from using this towards non Mahram. Even though looking at the natural beauty if it does not infringe on the rights of others is permitted yet protecting sight against looking at others and protecting the self from the sight of a non Mahrams has specific rules.  In this Section some of these will be discussed:

Mahram and non-Mahram

445 - Mahram is a person for whom the limit for other persons does not apply and marriage with that person is prohibited.

446 - These persons are Mahram for men and boys

* Mother and grandmother

* Daughter and grandchild

* sister

* sister's daughter (niece)

* Brother's daughter (niece)

* Paternal aunts and parents paternal aunts.

* Maternal aunts and parents maternal aunts.

These are people who have become Mahram through blood relationship. There is anothe group who becomes Mahram through marriage.

* Spouse.

* Mother in law and grandmother in law.

* Father's wife or step mother.

* Son's wife or daughter in law.

* Brother's wife and sister in law are not Mahram.

447 - These persons are Mahram to girls and women.

* Father and grand father

* Son and grandson

* Brother

* Sister's daughters (niece)

* Brother's daughter (niece)

* Paternal uncles and parents ancles

* Maternal uncles and parents uncles
These are people who have become Mahram through blood relationship. These is another group who becomes Mahram through marriage.

* Husband

* Father in law and grand father in law.

* Daughter's husband or son in law

- Sister's husband and husband's brother are not Mohram.

- Other than the persons listed above, there are other persons who become Mahram through marriage, which have been discussed in detail in the book of religious laws.

448 - If a woman breast feeds a child with the conditions which have been stated in the books of religious laws that child becomes Mahram to that woman and others.

Looking at others

449 - Other than husband and wife looking with lust for any person at another person is Haraam (Prohibited). Whether they are from the same sex such as a man looking at another man, or other than same sex such as a man looking at a woman, whether they are Mahram or not. Looking at any part of the body has the same rule.

450 - Boys and men can look without intention of lust at all the body of the women who are Mahram to them except the private parts.

451 - Men and boys cannot look at the body orhair of a non-Mahram woman, but looking attheir hands up to the wrist and the face thearea which must be washed for wadhu isallowed as long as it is not with the intetion ofenjoyment.

452 - Girls and women can look at the head, face and neck af a non-Mahram man without intention of enjoyment on the area which is normally uncoverd.


453 - If a person gets entangled in Haraam acts due to not having a wife for example he looks at Non-Mahram, it is obligatory for him to marry.

454 - In marriage the formal formula of the marriage contract (Sigha) must be proncunced and the only willingness of girl and boy for enterning in to a matrimonial alliance is not enough.  So as long as they are not certain that their representative has pronounced the formula, they cannot look at each other as Mahram (like husband and wife).

455 - If while reciting the Nikah (marriage) even one word is pronounced incorrectly, as a result of which its meaning is changed, the marriage contract would be void.