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Miscellaneous Rules

479 - If a person slaps or hits some one resulting in the person's face turning red that person must pay 112 miscal in gold coins.  If the person's face becomes bruised 3 miscal must be paid If it turns black 6 miscal- Each miscal is 18 Nokhod.

480 - If any other part of the body of a person turnes red, bruised or black through hitting 12 of what was previously mentioned must be paid.

481 - killing an animal which causes harm and does not belong to anyone such as a snake or a scorpion is permissible.

482 - If something is given to a person to fix and the owner does not return to take it, if the person fixing it searches and after not finding the owner loses hope in finding him/her, it is obligatory precaution to give it with intention on behalf of the owner to a poor person who is not a seyyed (descendent of the prophet).

483 - A wall which belongs to two persons such as a common wall between two houses.  Neither one has a right to biuld on, put iron bars or such things on it or hammer nails on it without the permission of the co-owner.  But things which are clear the co owner is in agreement of such as learing on the wall and putting clothes on it are permissible.  But if theco owner says he/she is not in agreement with these doing these is not allowable.

484 - If the root of a neighbor's tree comes into a person's property, the owner of the property can require the owner of the tree to return the root of the tree towards his/her house or to cut it. If the owner of the tree does not do this, the neighbor can do it him/herself.  If damage has been caused the cost can be taken from the owner of the tree.

485 - If a person does not know whether the owner of a fruit tree whose branches have come out of the ochard or garden's walls gives cansent or not, one cannot take from that fruit and if the fruit is on the graund, one cannot take it from there either.

486 - A prize which banks give to some who hold savigs accounts, as long as it is not based on a previous provision and the bank gives it to people on its own in order to draw them towards that bank as long as no damage is done to any one, it is halal (permissible).

487 - shaving the beard with razor or with an electric shaver if the result is the same as a razor for obligatory precaution is haraam (prohibited). In this rule all men are the same,and the rule of Allah does not change as a result of people's ridicule. So some one who has just attained the age of maturity or if someone does not shave the beard and people ridicule him, if he shaves his beard completly, for obligatory precaution it isharaam.

488 - Masturbation is haraam.  In other words a person does something that semen is discharged for either men or women.

489 - Singing for a gathering which is contaminated with immorality and sin is called ghena and is haraam.  If laments and Quran are recited with ghena it is haraam.  But if these are recited in harmonious voice which is not ghena it is permissible.

490 - Playing cards and chess if they are not used as a means of gambling and is used as thinking game or mental exercises and are not accompanied by win or loose is not Haraam and without either one of these conditions are Haraam.

491 - Clapping and applause in celebrations and lectures or speeches in places other than Mosques, Hoseinieh and the Holy shrine if it is in order to encourage Islamicly legal performances and is not accompanied by other sources of Haraam is acceptable. (some centers have special areas designated as a Mosque. This area is considered a mosque.)

492 - People who follow one of the divine religions such as Christians, Jews, Zoroastrans are Pak except those who are atheists contrary to their own religion.