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Mustahab acst in buying and selling

2153. It is obligatory to learn the rules of transactions up to certain necessary limit. It is Mustahab that a seller does not discriminate among customers in price of commodities and he should not be very strict on price, and if someone who has made a deal with him because disappointed and wants to cancel the deal, he accepts the request.

2154. If one does not know whether a transaction is correct or void, he may not use the property, which is taken, but if he was aware of relevant rules during transaction but he doubts later, he can use it and the transaction is correct.

2155. If a person does not possess any wealth, and it is obligatory on him to maintain his dependents, like, his wife and children, he should start earning. Moreover, to earn is recommended for Mustahab acts like providing better means of livelihood to one’s family, and helping the poor persons.