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Buying and selling Fruit

2202. It is in order to sell the fruits before plucking them, when the followers have fallen, and when the seeds have been formed, provided that, it is also known that it is saved from harm or decay. Also, selling of sour grapes on tree is in order, provided their quantity is estimated by experts.

2203. It is also permissible to sell the fruits growing on the tree, which have not yet developed the seed, and whose flowers have not yet fallen. But it must be sold along with something, which can be sold separately and belongs to seller.

2204. There is no harm in selling the dates, which have become yellow or red while they are still on the tree, out the dates should not be exchanged for them.

2205. There is no harm in selling cucumber, brinjals, vegetables etc., which are picked several times during a year, provided that, they have grown and are visible and provided that, it is agreed as to how many times during the year the buyer would pick them.

2206. If after the ears of wheat or barley have developed seeds, they are sold for anything except than wheat or barley, there is no harm.