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Makrooh things in eating

2790. There are certain acts, which are Makrooh (unrecommended) wile eating:

I. To eat without being hungry.

II. To eat to one’s fill. It has been reported in the Hadeeth that over-eating is the worst thing the eyes of Allah.

III. To gaze towards others while eating.

IV. To eat food while it is still hot.

V. To blow on food or drink which one is eating or drinking.

VI. To wait expectantly for something more after the bread has been served on the dining cloth.

VII. To cut the loaf with a knife.

VIII. To place the loaf under the food pots or plates etc., as disrespect.
To scrape off meat stuck to a bone in such a manner that nothing remains on it.

IX. To throw away a fruit before one has eaten it fully.