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Method of Slaughtering Animals.

2735. The method of slaughtering an animal is that the four main arteries of its neck should be completely cut (jugular artery, foodpipe, jugular vein and windpipe). It is not sufficient to split open these arteries or to cut off the neck. And the cutting of these four main arteries becomes practical when the cutting takes place from below the knot of the throat.

2736. If a person cuts some of the four arteries and waits till the animal dies and then cuts the remaining arteries, it will be of no use. If the four arteries are cut before the animal dies, but the cutting was not continuous as is usually done, it is not in order; and they should be cut in continuous succession.

2737. If a wolf tears off the throat of a sheep in such a way that nothing remains of the four arteries which could be cut for slaughter, the sheep becomes Haraam. But if the sheep is bitten on other part of the body, and it remains alive, it will be Pak and Halal if slaughtered according to the rules, which will be described later.