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Method of Slaughtering a Camel.

2740. If one wants to slaughter a camel so that it becomes Pak and Halal after it has died, it is necessary to follow the above-mentioned 6 conditions for slaughter and then thrust a knife or any other sharp implement made of iron into the hollow between its neck and chest.

2741. It is better that the camel at the time of thrusting the knife, be standing, but if it is done while the animal has knelt down or is lying on its side and its body faces Qibla, there is no objection.

2742. If a camel’s head is cut instead of thrusting a knife into the depth of its neck of a sheep or a cow etc. as is done in the case of a camel, it is Haraam to eat their meat and their body is Najis. However, if the four arteries of the camel are cut first and a knife is then thrust into the depth of its neck, in the manner stated above, while it is still alive, it is Halal to eat its meat and its body is Pak. Similarly, if a knife is first thrust into the depth of the neck of a cow, sheep etc. and then its head is cut while it is still alive, it is Pak and its meat is Halal to eat.

2743. If an animal becomes unruly, and one cannot slaughter it in the manner prescribed by Shariah or, if, it falls down into a well and one feels that it will die there an it will not be possible to slaughter it according to Shariah, one should inflict a severe wound on any part of its body, so that it dies as a result of that wound. Then it becomes Pak and Halal to eat. It will not be necessary that it should be facing Qibla at that time, but it should fulfill all other conditions mentioned above regarding slaughtering of animals.