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Mustahab acts while slaughtering animals.

2744. There are certain Mustahab acts for slaughtering the animals:

I. While slaughtering the sheep, both of its hands and one foot should be tied together and the other foot should be left free. As for a cow, its two hands and two feet should be tied and the tail should be tied with each other from below up to its knees, or below its armpits, and its feet should be left free. And it is recommended that a bird should be left free after being slaughtered so that it may flap its wings and feathers.

II. The person who slaughters should face Qibla.

III. Water should be placed before an animal before slaughtering it.

IV. An animal should be slaughtered in such a way that it should suffer the least, that is, it should be swiftly slaughtered with a very sharp knife.