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Makrooh acts while slaughtering animals.

2745. The following have been enumerated as Makrooh acts while slaughtering the animals:

I. To slaughter an animal on Friday night (i.e. the night preceding Friday), or on Friday before Zuhr. However, there is no harm in doing so in the case of necessity.

II. To slaughter an animal which someone has bred and reared himself. But as an obligatory precaution, the animal should not be skinned before it dies and spinal cord should not be cut, although if it is done, the most of slaughtered animal does not become Haraam, and as an obligatory precaution, the head of animal should not be separated from the body before it is completely dead; although if it is done, it will not turn it into Haraam. But if it is separated by mistake or because the knife is not enough sharp, it is not Makrooh.