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2761. If a fish with scales is caught alive from water, and it dies thereafter, it is Pak and it is Halal to eat it. And if it dies in the water, it is Pak, but it is Haraam to eat it. However, it is lawful to eat it if it dies in the net of the fisherman. A fish, which has no scales is Haraam, even if it is brought alive from water and dies out of water.

2762. If a fish falls out of water or a wave throws it out, or the water recedes and the fish remains on dry ground, if some one catches it with his hand or by some other means before it dies, it will be Halal to eat it after it dies.

2763. It is not necessary that a person catching a fish should be a Muslim or should utter the name of Allah while catching it. It is, however, necessary that a Muslim should have ascertained that the fish was brought alive from the water and died later.

2764. If a dead fish about which it is not known whether it was caught from water alive or dead, is bought of a Muslim, it is Halal. But if it is bought of a non-Muslim, it is Haraam, even if he claims that he has brought it alive from the water; except when a man feels satisfied that the fish was brought alive from the water or two Adil persons approve that.

2765. It is Halal to eat a live fish.

2766. If a fish is roasted alive or killed out of water before it dies itself, there is no objection to eat it.

2767. If a fish is cut into two parts out of water, and one part falls in water while it is alive, it is Halal to eat the other part.