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2. Earth

185. The earth makes the sole of one’s feet and shoes Pak, provided that the following five conditions are fulfilled:

a) The earth should be Pak;

b) It should be dry;

c) If original Nejasat, like blood or urine, or something which has become Najis, like Najis clay is stuck on the sole of a foot or a shoe, it will be Pak only if it is cleared by walking on earth or by rubbing the foot of the shoe against it.

d) The ground must be dust, stone, brick or the like. Therefore, walking on carpet, mats, and green grass will not make the sole of feet or shoes Pak.

e) The Nejasat should be caused by walking, and if it is made Najis otherwise, there is doubt about becoming Pak by walking.

186. Walking over a tar road or a wooden floor will not make the Najis sole of feet and shoes Pak. It is doubtful.

187. In order to make the sole of one’s feet or shoe Pak, it is better that one should walk a distance of at least fifteen arm-lengths or more, even if the Nejasat disappears by walking a lesser distance, or by rubbing one’s foot on earth.

188. It is not necessary that the Najis sole of one’s feet or shoe are wet. They become Pak by walking on earth, even if they are dry.

189. When the Najis sole of one’s foot or shoe becomes Pak by walking on earth, the parts adjacent to it, which are usually blotched with mud, become Pak.

190. If a person moves on his hands and knees, and his hands or knees become Najis, it is improbable that they become Pak by such movement. Similarly, the end of a stick, the bottom of an artificial leg, the shoe of quadruped and the wheels of a car or a cart etc. would not be Pak.

191. If after walking, Nejasat’s invisible particles remain in the sole of the feet or the shoe, there is no harm in it; although the recommended precaution is that one should walk so much, that these things also disappear, but if smell and color of them remains it is not a problem.

192. The par of shoes or sole of feet which does not contact the ground will not become Pak by walking, it is doubtful that the under part of the socks becomes Pak by walking; but if they are made of skin and one walks on it, it will become Pak.