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5. Transferring (Intiqual)

207. If the blood of a human being or an animal whose blood gushes forth when its large vein is cut, is transferred into the body of an animal whose blood does not gush forth when its large vein is cut, and the blood is considered the blood of that animal, it is Pak and this process is called Intiqal or transferring. According to the said criteria, when a blood-sucking leech sucks the human blood, the blood is not considered as a part of its body and it is considered human blood and therefore, it is Najis.

208. If one kills a mosquito, which has sat on one’s body, and he does not know whether the outcoming blood is his blood or mosquito’s blood, it is Pak. Also, if he knows that the blood belongs to the mosquito, but the time gap between its sucking and it being killed is very small, so that it is called human blood, or it is not clear which blood it is, it is Najis.