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6. Islam

209. If an unbeliever testifies Oneness of Allah, and the Prophethood of Prophet Mohammad by saying "Ashhad-o-An La Illaha-Illallah, Va, Ashad-o-Ana Mohammadan Rasoolallah," he becomes a Muslim. And just as he was Najis before, he becomes Pak after becoming a Muslim, and his body along with the saliva and the sweat is Pak. But if he has any original Nejasat in his body, it should be removed and then washed. In fact, that part should be washed even if Nejasat had been removed earlier.

210. If before an unbeliever becomes a Muslim, his wet dress touched his body, it is Najis and it should be avoided, regardless of whether it is on his body or not.

211. If an unbeliever professes Islam, he will be Pak even if another person is not sure whether he has embraced Islam sincerely, or not. But if it is known that he has not sincerely accepted Islam, then he should be avoided.