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8. Removing of the original Nejasat

218. If body of an animal is stained with an original Nejasat like blood or with something which has become Najis; for example, Najis water, its body becomes Pak when the Nejasat disappears. Similarly, the inner parts of the human body, for example inner parts of mouth or nose, become Pak, after the Nejasat has disappeared. If something like the blood from the teeth is mixed with Salvia, it is not obligatory to rinse the inner mouth to make it Pak.

219. If food remains between the teeth, and blood emerges within the mouth, the food will not be Najis. The same applies to artificial teeth.

221. If Najis dust settles on a cloth or carpet, they are not Najis provided that both of them are dry; and if they are wet, the place of dust must be washed with water.