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Obligatory prayers

The following six prayers are obligatory:
A. Daily Namaz
B. Namaz-e-Ayyat
C. Namaz-e-Mayyit
D. Namaz for the obligatory Tawaf of the Holy Ka’bah
E. Qadha Namaz of father which are obligatory upon his eldest son.
F. Namaz which become obligatory on account of hire, vow or oath.

Obligatory Daily Namaz:

It is obligatory to perform the following five prayers during day and night
Midday (Zuhr) and Afternoon prayers (Asr) - each one consisting of 4 Rak’ats.
Dusk prayers (Maghrib) - 3 Rak’ats and Night prayers (Isha) - 4 Rak’ats
Dawn prayers (Fajr) - 2 Rak’ats
727. While travelling, a traveler should reduce the prayers of 4 Rak’ats of 2 Rak’ats. The conditions under which the Rak’ats are reduced will be mentioned later.
  • Time of Zuhr and Asr prayers
    Time of Maghrib and Isha prayers
    Time of Fajr prayers
    Rules of prayer times