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4 Dead Body

91. The dead body of all animals whose blood gushes out is Najis, irrespective of whether it dies a natural death, or is killed in a manner other than that prescribed by Islam. As the blood of a fish does not gush forth, its dead body is Pak, even if it dies in water.

92. Any part of the dead body such as wool, hair, bones, and teeth which do not contain life, if it does not belong to animals like dog which is Najis itself, will be Pak.

93. If flesh or any other part, which contains life, is cut off from the body of a living human being, or a living animal whose blood gushes forth, it will be Najis.

94. Small pieces of skin, which peel off from the lips, or other parts of the body, are Pak.

95. An egg from the body of a dead hen, is Pak; even if its exterior is not hard enough.

96. If a lamb dies before it is able to graze, the rennet found in its stomach is Pak; but its exterior should be washed with water.

97. The liquid medicines, perfumes, ghee, soap, and was polish which are imported from non-Muslim countries are Pak, if one is not sure of their being Najis.

98. Meat, fat, and hide, which are in the hands of a Muslim are Pak. If it is known that he has obtained them from a Kafir, without investigating whether the animal was slaughtered according to Islamic law, they are not Najis; but eating them is Haraam and prayer in clothes obtained from that kind of hide is not permissible.