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5 Blood.

99. The blood of a human being, and of every animal whose blood gushes for the when its large vein is cut, is Najis. The blood of an animal like a fish, or an insect like mosquito, is Pak because it does not gush forth.

100. If an animal whose meat is Halal to eat, is slaughtered in accordance with the method prescribed by Shariah, and enough blood flows out, the blood of which is still left in its body is Pak. However, the blood, which goes back into the body of the animal due to breath, or because of its head having been at a higher level at the time of its slaughtering, is Najis.

101. As a recommended precaution, one should refrain from eating an egg, which has blood in it. However, the blood in egg is Pak.

102. When a wound is healing, and pus forms around it, that substance is Pak if it is not known to have been mixed with blood.

103. The blood, which is sometimes seen milking an animal, is Najis; and makes the milk Najis.

104. If the blood, which comes from inside the teeth, vanishes as it gets mixed with the saliva, the saliva is Pak, and it can go down the throat.

105. If the blood, which dries under the nail or skin, on account of being hurt, can no longer be called blood, it is Pak. But if it is blood and is seen as such, then it is Najis. And if a hole appears in the nail or the skin, and if it is not difficult to remove the blood and to make it Pak for the purpose of Wudhu or Ghusl, then one should perform them, but if it is difficult, then all around it should be washed in a way not to spread Nejasat and later a piece of cloth or something like that should be placed over it and only the surface of cloth is touched with moistened hand.

106. If a person cannot descern whether it is dried blood under the skin, or that the flesh has turned that way because of being hit, it is Pak.

107. Even a small particle of blood falling in the food, while it is being boiled, will make the entire food together with its container Najis, as per obligatory precaution, and boiling, heat, or fire does not make it Pak.