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8 Kafir.

109. A Kafir is a person who does not believe in God and His Oneneas, or does not believe in Prophethood of Hazrat Khatem-al-Anbia Mohammad ibn-Abdullah (SAW) is Najis. People of the Book are Pak. This will be explained in point number 114. Also, those who deny the necessary rules of Islam like issues which are believed by the Muslims as an essential part of their faith, ad they also know them as such are Najis; but if they do not know them as such, it is a precaution to avoid them.

110. The entire body of a Kafir, including his hair and nails, and all liquid substances of his body, are Najis.

111. If the parents, paternal grandmother, and paternal grandfather of a minor child are all Kafir, that child is Najis. When, even one person from his parents or grandparents is Muslim, the child is Pak.

112. A person about whom it is not known whether he is a Muslim or not, and if no signs exist to establish him as a Muslim, he will be considered Pak. But he will not have the previlages of a Muslim. Like he cannot marry a Muslim woman, nor can he be buried in Muslim’s cemetery.

113. Any Muslim who abuses any of the twelve holy Imams on account of enmity is Najis.

114. Murtad (apostate, either Melli or Fetri: these expressions will be explained later) is Najis; but the people of the Book such as Jews and Christians are Pak.