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1. Kurr Water

19. Kurr water is the water, which fills a container whose length, breadth, and depth are three and half spans each. Its weight is 20 Methghal (5 grams each) less than 128 Tabriz Man (approximately 3 kg each).

20. If the original Najis like urine and blood falls in Kurr water and the smell, color, or taste of water is changed because of that, then the water is Najis (unclean) but if does not change, then it is not Najis.

21. If the smell of Kurr water changes owing to something else, which is not Najis, it does not become Najis.

22. If the original Najis like blood reaches water and changes the smell, color, or taste of a part of it, if the unchanged part is less than Kurr, the entire water becomes Najis; but if the unchanged part is one Kurr or more, then only that part which has changed will be Najis.

23. If the water of a spring is connected to Kurr, the water of the spring will turn Najis water to Pak (clean). As an obligatory precaution, if it falls on the Najis water drop by drop, it will not make it Pak, except when before the drops are formed, it connects the Najis water.