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Ertemasi Wudhu (Wudhu by Immersion).

263. Ertemasi Wudhu means that one should dip one’s face and hands into water, with the intention of performing Wudhu, washing them from above downwards or dipping them in water and pronouncing the intention of Wudhu while taking hands out of water. If one intends to perform Wudhu while dipping hands in water and up to the time of taking them out and finishing the flow of water from his hands, he keeps his intention for Wudhu, then his action is correct.

264. Even while performing Wudhu by immersion, one should wash one’s face and hands downward from above. Hence, when a person dips his face and hands in water with the intention of Wudhu, he should dip his face in water from the forehead and his hands from elbows. If he intends to Wudhu afterwards, then he must take out his face from forehead and his hands from elbow.

265. There is no harm in performing Wudhu of some parts by immersion, and others in the usual way.