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Dua for 9th Day


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دعاء اليوم التاسع
اللهمّ اجْعَلْ لي فيهِ نصيباً من رَحْمَتِكَ الواسِعَةِ واهْدِني فيهِ لِبراهِينِكَ السّاطِعَةِ وخُذْ بناصيتي الى مَرْضاتِكَ الجامِعَةِ بِمَحَبّتِكَ يا أمَلَ المُشْتاقين.
Dua for 9th Day
O Allah give me, in this month, a very large share from Thy boundless mercy, let me keep to the right way that leads on to Thy evident clear Signs (Muhammad and Aali Muhammad), and for the sake of Thy love and kindness direct my behaviour, from every angle, unto that which pleases Thee, O the Ultimate Hope of those who eagerly desire fulfillment.