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Dua for 11th Day


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دعاء اليوم الحادي عشر
اللهمّ حَبّبْ اليّ فيهِ الإحْسانَ وكَرّهْ اليّ فيهِ الفُسوقَ والعِصْيانَ وحَرّمْ عليّ فيهِ السّخَطَ والنّيرانَ بِعَوْنِكَ يا غياثَ المُسْتغيثين.
Dua for 11th Day
O Allah show love to me, in this month, by bestowing favours, inspire me with aversion unto that which corrupts my morals or lures me to sins, and through Thy help defend me by granting immunity from penalty and flames of the Fire, O He who comes to the help of those who cry for help.