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Dua for 12th Day


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دعاء اليوم الثاني عشر
اللهمّ زَيّنّي فيهِ بالسّتْرِ والعَفافِ واسْتُرني فيهِ بِلباسِ القُنوعِ والكَفافِ واحْمِلني فيهِ على العَدْلِ والإنْصافِ وامِنّي فيهِ من كلِّ ما أخافُ بِعِصْمَتِكَ يا عِصْمَةَ الخائِفين.
Dua for 12th Day
O Allah, in this month, beautify me with the trimming and frills of modesty and chastity, let contentment and (self) satisfaction by my daily wear, let me adhere to justice and fairplay in my dealings with (fellow men), and keep me safe from all that which terrify me, through Thy support, O He who gives support to the frightened.