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Dua for 19th Day


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دعاء اليوم التاسع عشر
اللهمّ وفّرْ فيهِ حَظّي من بَرَكاتِهِ وسَهّلْ سَبيلي الى خَيْراتِهِ ولا تَحْرِمْني قَبولَ حَسَناتِهِ يا هادياً الى الحَقّ المُبين.
Dua for 19th Day
O Allah multiply my share, in this month, on account of its abundant blessings, make easy and smooth my means and ways to reach its mercy and bounties, and do not prevent me from getting its good, O He who guides unto the unto the clear truth.