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Sajdah for forgotten acts

1258. For three points, one should offer 2 Sajdatus Sahv after Salam of Namaz, as per method which will be explained later:

I. Talking erroneously during pryer;

II. Forgetting one Sajdah;

III. In a four Rak’at Namaz, after the second Sajdah, one doubts that he has offered 4 or 5 Rak’ats.
In two other cases, as an obligatory precaution, Sajdatus Sahv is performed:

i.Reciting Salam at the wrong stage, like first Rak’at;

ii. Forgetting Tashahhud.

1259. If a person talks, by mistake or under the impression that his prayer has ended, he should perform 2 Sajdatus Sahv.

1260. Sajdatus Sahv is not obligatory for the sound emitted by coughing, but if one inadvertently sighs or moans, like ‘Ah’, he should perform Sajdatus Sahv.

1261. If a person makes an error in some recitation, and then repeats to correct it, Sajdatus Sahv will not be obligatory upon him.

1262. If a person talks for some time in Namaz by mistake, and if the process is construed as having talked just once, he will perform two Sajdatus Sahv after Salams

1263. If a person forgets the Tasbihat Arba’ah, the recommended precaution is that he should perform 2 Sajdatus Sahv after his prayers.

1264. If at a place where the Salam of prayers is not to be said, a person forgetfully says “Assalamu ‘alayna wa’ala ‘ibadil lahis salihin” or says: “Assalam ‘alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh”; he/she must perform 2 Sajdatus Sahv, but if he/she forgetfully says a part of these two Salams or says: “Assalamu alayka Ayyuhan Nabiyyu wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh” then Sajdatus Sahv will be a recommended precaution.

1265. If a person says, by mistake, all the 3 Salams at the time when Salam should not be recited, it is sufficient to perform 2 Sajdatus Sahv. But the precaution is to say 2 Sajdatus Sahv for each and one generally.

1266. If a person forgets one Sajdah or Tashahhud, and remembers it before the Ruku of the next Rak’at, he should return and perform it. And Sajdatus Sahv for additional acts is not necessary.

1267. If a person remembers during Ruku or thereafter, that he has forgotten one Sajdah or Tashahhud of the preceding Rak’at, he should perform the Qadha of Sajdah after the Salam of prayers, and for Tashahhud he should perform two Sajdatus Sahv

1268. If a person does not perform Sajdatus Sahv after the Salam of prayers intentionally, he commits a sin, and it is obligatory upon him to perform it as early as possible. And if he forgets to perform it, he should perform it immediately when he remembers. It is, however, not necessary for him to repeat the prayers.

1269. If a person doubts whether or not two Sajdatus Sahv have become obligatory upon him, it is not necessary for him to perform them.

1270. If a person doubts whether two or four Sajdatus Sahv have become obligatory upon him, it will be sufficient if he performs two Sajdatus Sahv.

1271. If a person knows that he has not performed one of the two Sajdatus Sahv, he should perform two Sajdatus Sahv again. And if he knows that he has offered three Sajdahs forgetfully, he should perform two Sajdatus Sahv again.